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A result-oriented law firm with more than 10 years of market experience

Herrera Advogados is a law firm focused on deal making. Our headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and we have connections in most of the main cities in Brazil and abroad. Our main practice areas are business and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, regulatory law, and labor law. Many of our clients are in the risk investment (venture capital and private equity) and technology areas – markets in which our partners have a long history and a successful track record, but we also have clients in the health, education, insurance and retail industries, to name a few.



Our team of lawyers and consultants is highly qualified and trained to fully understand the demands of our clients, rendering customized and quality services.



We understand businesses have a certain window of opportunity and that having the right timing is essential for the success of our clients. For this reason, HR Advogados is committed to answering any and all messages within 24 hours.



We are always available to help our clients with their demands. This is one of the qualities that separates us from the competition!



Our main practice areas are business and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, regulatory law, and labor law

We keep our team updated with the most modern legal doctrines and the most recent case law.

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We render services in many different sub-areas of Intellectual Property.

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Our team has years of experience in M&A both in Brazil and abroad.

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Legal Diagnostics is an innovative service created by our firm and focused mainly on companies that have no in-house counsel or which Legal Departments are flooded with work

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Our firm renders services to businesses with traditional and innovative business models in Brazil and abroad.

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Nosso diferencial é a compreensão do perfil do estrangeiro, tendo em vista que parte de nossa equipe viveu fora do país.

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O direito imobiliário passou por desenvolvimento e transformações ao longo dos últimos anos, como a proibição dos atos emulativos.

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Venture Capital é uma das principais áreas de expertise do escritório com sócios contando com mais de 10 anos de experiência.

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Atuamos nas esferas municipal, estadual e federal, atendendo demandas tanto na área consultiva quanto contenciosa.

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​Auxiliamos nossos clientes em consultas sobre diversas questões trabalhistas, incluindo o cumprimento de normas e fiscalização do Ministério do Trabalho.

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Procuramos sempre corresponder às expectativas de nossos clientes com soluções harmônicas e personalizadas para cada caso.

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