We assist clients in consultations in many different areas of the civil life, such as, inter alia, torts, contractual obligations, copyrights, and consumer law. We also assist companies in different industries with consulting queries and contract review, always trying to keep with a holistic and business view.

Our activities in this area include litigation in Civil Courts, both at the State and Federal levels. Since business / corporate law are one of our main areas of expertise, we have several cases related to commercial litigation involving corporate and succession matters in small startups, medium-sized family-owned companies and large publicly-traded corporations. Also, as part of our litigation area, we have worked in arbitration proceedings both in Brazil and abroad, usually in cases involving contractual and/or corporate matters.

Finally, our work in bankruptcy law involves representing creditors in all phases of the proceedings, from the credit request until the drafting and voting of the Plan.

The firm has clients throughout the entire Brazilian territory, working with local corresponding firms when necessary, while keeping the intellectual lead of all cases.