Legal Diagnostics in an innovative service designed by our firm for companies that do not have a Legal Department or which Legal Department is overflooded with work, but still need assistant to organize and control their contracts and legal risks.

The service consists on an assessment of all areas of the companies, mapping out all of the existing administrative and judicial proceedings involving the company, as well as identifying potential risks and contingencies for noncompliance with labor, tax, environmental and regulatory laws that may generate government fines, lawsuits and or other liabilities to the client.
As a result of our work, we deliver a final report with possible solutions and remedies to such liabilities, as well as suggestions or how to avoid or mitigate future legal problems.

Our Legal Diagnostics service is especially interesting for companies that wish to deceive investment for third parties (investment funds, for example), for startups that need risk capital investment or governmental grants, or for companies that wish to participate in public tenders, as it reduces legal risk exposure, which translates into better results in legal due diligences, and, therefore, in a better credit analysis and valuation. In this sense, the service works as a preemptive “self- due diligence”, anticipating potential risks and contingencies that would otherwise negatively impact the company´s valuation.

As part of our Legal Diagnostics service, we may act as an outsourced Legal Department, working with contract review, assisting with tax-renegotiation programs, compliance with labor laws, and with regulation from the Brazilian SEC (CVM), the Brazilian Central Bank, or regulatory agencies for specific sectors.

Another part of the service consists on analyzing the company´s current tax structure in order to create the most tax-efficient structure for the client. This may involve creating a different corporate structure, incorporating in different cities, states or jurisdictions.

Finally, our service may also include a complete analysis of the company´s contracts, making it easier to manage contractual obligations, deadlines for the delivery of products or services, renewal deadlines, etc., thus avoiding contractual penalties and facilitating the renegotiation and renewal of contracts.

By delivering our Legal Diagnostics services, our firm offers our clients a clear view of their legal health, allowing them to be better prepared and attractive for third party investment and less likely to receive fines and penalties.