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Our team of lawyers and consultants is highly qualified. We seek to understand all aspects of our customers’ demands for specialized quality service.


We understand that businesses have windows of opportunity and that having the right timing is essential for our clients’ success. Therefore, Herrera Advogados is committed to respond to any and all messages or emails within 24 hours.


We are always available to assist our customers with their demands. This is one of our differentials!


A result-oriented law firm with more than 10 years of market experience

Herrera Advogados is a law firm focused on deal making. Our headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and we have connections in most of the main cities of Brazil and abroad.

Our main practice areas are business and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, regulatory law, and labor law. 

Many of our clients are in the risk investment  (venture capital and private equity) and technology areas – markets in which our partners have a long history and a successful track record.

We also have clients in the health, education, insurance and retail industries, to name a few.


We have in-depth experience in our core areas of competence. Our commitment to customer satisfaction meets the needs of a diverse clientele.

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Our team of lawyers and consultants is highly qualified

We strive to understand all the points of our clients’ needs for a specialized quality service



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